Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chinese Design

it was the last few days for the American ambassador in china

madame ambassador decided to see the shanghai city before leaving for US

as she was passing through the by lanes she noticed a beautiful placard in front of Chinese shop

she gazed at it for few minutes and memorized the design in her mind

she immediately bought a beautiful satin cloth material and stitched the design she memorized , about the placard of chinese shop on the torso of the dress

she threw a farewell party to all and wore the dress flauntingly

every one was appreciating her design on her chest

but the chinese foreign minister saw and twitched his mouth and walked away

this happened few times

madame ambassador couldnt digest this-- she blocked his way and inquired how her dress and the design

he just twitched his mouth and didnt say any thing

she demanded he say about her design

he said twitching his mouth " madame ambassador , i am sorry the design says---- licensed prostitute of sahnghai city 20 yuans"

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