Sunday, February 12, 2012

Girl Vs Boys

If you treat her nice she says"Yaar mujhe line de raha hai".

If you don't she says "Kitna akadta hai".


If you dress nicely she says "Mujhay impress karna chahta hai".

If you don't she says "Tasteless hai yaar".


If you argue with her she says "Ziddi hai".

If you sit quietly she says "Dumb hai".


If you act smarter she'll lose her brain as you are insulting her.

If she acts smarter she think its her right.


If you don't love her she says "Is ka to pehlay say hi 2,3 ladkioon ke saath chakar hai".

If you love her she says " Peechay hi pad gayaa hai".


If you don't give her a kiss she says "Tum mujh say serious naheen ho".

If you give her a kiss she says "Yaar who ladkaa flirt kar raha hai".


If you don't tell her your problems she says "You are not honest to me".

If you do tell to her she says "You are a problem child".


If you scold her she says "You act like a grandpa giving lecture".

If she scolds you she says "Yaar, its because I care".


If you break a promise she says "He does not trust you any more".

If she breaks she says "Jaan main majboor thi"


If you smoke she says "You are a bad guy".

If she smokes she says "I need this, please jaanu try to understand".


If you do good in exams she says "Kismat NE saath diya warna tum or good marks".

If she gets good marks she says "Its my brain ".


If you hurt her she says "You are cruel & don't care of my feelings".

If she hurts you she replies" You are not understanding".

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