Tuesday, June 28, 2011

God Bless You

"So, what are your future plans?"

i asked my friend dinesh
whom i met
after a long long time.

"want to do some business." he shared.

"what kind of business?"

"haven't thought about it yet,
but it should be one
which has my zero involvement
one time investment
big cash generation
no employees
no overheads
no taxes
no accounting
no license or permit
no dead stock
competition proof
recession proof
technology proof
ever increasing turnover
yet legal
and moral."

he said all that in one breath
and left me

"best of luck!"
is all i could say

"and where do you plan to do all this?"
i asked curiously.

"dad had bought a plot
in the heart of the city
two decades ago.
its still lying vacant."


we had lunch together
and i took leave.


two years passed
and i again happened to visit
my day dreamer friend's city.

he came to the hotel room where i was staying
in a gleaming black luxury sedan.

"it seems you have got the business idea!"
i teased him.

"yes, i did."

and before i could say anything
he added

"the exact business which i wished!"

"what's that?" i asked

"come and see for yourself!" he said.

we got into his luxury chariot
and headed to that empty plot.

there was none.

on that ground zero
a small but impressive

i turned my head towards dinesh.
he smiled.
we removed our shoes
and stepped in.

inside i saw
the idols of three gods
including my favourite one.

i bowed
picked the blessings with my forehead
opened my wallet
took out a note
and just before putting it in the box
looked again
towards my enterprising friend.

he again smiled at me
and whispered

"god bless you!"

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