Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am cute...!!!!

Have u done two of the most important things when you wake up today?
1)Pray, so that u may live...
2)Take a bath-so that others may live too!

n ya...
Could u fax me ur photo very very urgently ? Mind u - it's really very very urgent, damn serious and very imp ......
I'm playing cards and we've misplaced the JOKER.

and u know what...
Good looks catch the eyes but Good Personality catches the heart, You are blessed with both!
Don't Be, it was sent to me, just wanted you to read it.

Do u know...???
To live a life, one needs brains, reflex, perception, looks, IQ, knowledge, way of expression & many more mental qualities. Hats off 2 u
coz u manage 2 live without them.

Once god came up 2 me & granted me a wish. I asked 4 "world peace".
That's impossible, he said. Then I asked him 2 give u brains.
He said "Let me try world peace"

From Mon to Sun, From Jan To Dec, From birth till my death, my feelings 4 u have never changed. For me, you've always been........ ... a headache

one thing more...
1 day u'll B srprisd 2C ME beside U. U & ME laughing, U & ME crying, U & ME dreaming, U & ME holding on, U & ME... just U & ME sitting in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & ME CHECKING U.

and of course last but not the least...
If u save this msg, it means I'm cute. If u edit this, I'm still cute.
If u fwd this, u r spreading that i'm cute & if u erase this, u r jealous of me coz i'm cute!

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